Among the wide range of pc components / hardware & peripherals there are all the necessary elements needed to build pc or increase the performance and capabilities of each pc computer. The latest graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD for the best performance and visual effects. Very fast SSD disks and RAM – for fast data exchange, writing and reading. External drives for extra data space or a secure backup. Efficient cooling systems and processors ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation in all conditions. We should also remember about sound cards, optical drives and power supplies, as well as intel motherboards and amd motherboards, pc cases that keep it all in check and bond it together.



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  • Memory

    Memory (17)

    Memory / Ram RAM operating memory is one of the most important elements of all computer components. It is there that all processes that are run, coming from games and programs, are processed, as well as the current results of their work are stored. You can find a wide selection of SODIMM RAM memory – intended for laptops / notebooks,…
  • Graphics Cards (GPUs)

    Graphics Cards (GPUs) (20)

    GRAPHICS CARDS (GPUs) Graphics cards are responsible for generating and displaying the image. A properly selected strong card will allow you to launch the latest games or work comfortably with professional programs. Cheaper, weaker systems will be suitable for home or office use. Here you will find the best and most efficient graphics cards as well as those slightly more…
  • Storage

    Storage (11)

    STORAGE - NVMe, SSD, HDD Here you will find a wide selection of storage, both internal and external HDD, SSD and NVMe drives, thanks to which you can quickly and safely save and store your data. SSDs and NVMe are characterized by a very high maximum read and write speed, which makes them perfect for installing an operating system and…

    CASES (10)

    CASES When building a gaming PC, the PC case will be the first thing every gamer thinks about. Computer cases are the skeleton and skin of a desktop computer. The computer case stores all the parts and holds them together.
  • CPU Processors

    CPU Processors (11)

    CPU PROCESSORS Simply put, the work of the processor (CPU) consists in the exchange of information between other computer components and managing their work. Therefore, a properly selected processor allows your computer to run smoothly – depending on what you are currently doing on it. Here you will find the best and most efficient AMD and Intel processors. The latest…
  • CPU/Processor Coolers

    CPU/Processor Coolers (10)

    CPU - PROCESSOR COOLERS The function of the processor cooling fan is to pull and blow the hot air from the processor, and bring in cooler air into the processor. There are two types of cooling systems among CPU computer accessories: air coolers and liquid coolers / water coolers. Air cooling they are the most common type of cooling system…
  • Keyboards & Mouse

    Keyboards & Mouse (18)

    KEYBOARDS & MOUSE Switches, or rather their types, play an important role in the case of gaming keyboards. Membrane keyboards are suitable for the occasional playing of titles that do not require too much activity, such as strategy games. Keyboards with mechanical or optical switches ensure the responsiveness and durability of the keys at the highest level – necessary for…
  • Monitors

    Monitors (13)

    MONITORS In our offer you will find many types of computer monitors. Both those ideal for office and home applications, as well as specialized devices for working on graphics and also gaming monitors. Currently, there are many types of computer monitors on the market, such as: LCD Monitor, LED Monitor, OLED Monitor, Plasma Monitor - Ultra-Wide / Curved Monitors, flat…
  • Motherboards

    Motherboards (9)

    MOTHERBOARDS Computer components such as the processor, RAM or graphics card are mounted on the motherboard. It allows all components and modules to communicate. It is the choice of the motherboard that determines, among others what processor can we later install in our computer, how much RAM will we have, and how many ports we will have. Most gaming motherboards…
  • Optical Drives

    Optical Drives (5)

    OPTICAL DRIVES Optical drives are used to write to and read data from discs using a laser. You can find both internal and external DVD drives and recorders as well as Blue-Ray drives and recorders. Choose the ones that suit your needs.
  • Other Pc Accessories

    Other Pc Accessories (11)

    OTHER PC ACCESSORIES Computer Accessories - Audio & Video Accessories | RGB LED Mousepad, Gaming Headsets, Streaming Capture Card, Webcams, Speakers, Microphones, Adapters, Cables, Printers, etc..
  • Power Supplies / PSU

    Power Supplies / PSU (5)

    POWER SUPPLIES / PSU You've probably seen different badges on different power supplies (psu). They usually have labels like 80+ with some sort of naming afterward for certification. The most common power supplies are 80+, 80+ bronze, silver, gold and the best 80+ Platinum and Titanium. 80+ PSUs provide 80% efficiency at a given load. Another thing to note is…