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Here you will find a wide selection of storage, both internal and external HDD, SSD and NVMe drives, thanks to which you can quickly and safely save and store your data. SSDs and NVMe are characterized by a very high maximum read and write speed, which makes them perfect for installing an operating system and programs on them. HDDs are much slower than their SSDs / NVMe counterparts, but they are much cheaper than them, which makes them perfect for storing data such as photos or movies. External drives are portable and connected, for example, with a USB cable, so you can easily transfer and copy large amounts of data between computers.

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    Solid State Drives SSDs / NVMe (11)

    Solid State Drives - SSDs / NVMe SSD (solid state drive) and NVMe is a newer and advanced form of hard drive that acts as a storage device in computers. With no moving parts, SSDs / NVMe access and deliver data faster than traditional drives