Memory / RamXcellent PC gaming

RAM operating memory is one of the most important elements of all computer components. It is there that all processes that are run, coming from games and programs, are processed, as well as the current results of their work are stored. You can find a wide selection of SODIMM RAM memory – intended for laptops / notebooks, as well as DIMMs for desktops, i.e. desktops. There are five basic types of DDR: DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5.

  • DDR5

    DDR5 (5)

    The DDR5 RAM is a high-speed dynamic random-access memory and it is the 5th generation of DDR Memory. DDR5 RAM will reduce power consumption while doubling bandwidth and capacity and can improve PC gaming performance
  • DDR4

    DDR4 (12)

    DDR4 DDR4 is the newer standard than DDR3 with a much higher transfer rate range at a much lower voltage, meaning that the “speed” of the RAM is much higher than DDR3 without using as much energy. This makes over-clocking, or increasing the speed of the RAM much more efficient and also makes them a good gaming ram. Using DDR4…